The Shcherbenko Art Centre collection is a selection of several years of collaboration among the founder and curator Maryna Shcherbenko and her husband Vitaliy Shcherbenko with Ukrainian artists. The collection, focusing on changing trends in Ukrainian art and historical events of the last forty years, showcases the works of artists of different generations, styles, and art periods.

Maryna Shcherbenko and Vitaliy Shcherbenko. Photographer: Vasylyna Vrublevska.

The collection includes works by artists who started their practice back in the times of Soviet Ukraine and still are active participants in the Ukrainian artistic scene. Among them: Members of the squat “Parcommune” (the area of ​​former Paris Commune Street, today – Mikhailivska Str., where Shcherbenko Art Centre is located), such as Valeriya Troubina and Georgy Senchenko; close to the Parcommune, Oleksandr Roitburd, an early proponent of the Ukrainian Transavantgarde; an artistic union of early 1990s abstractionists named “Picturesque Sanctuary” – Mykola Kryvenko, Tiberiy Szilvashi, Marko Geiko, Anatoly Kryvolap; documentary photographer of the 1970s-2010s, founder of the School of Photographs Viktor Marushchenko; abstract painter Volodymyr Budniokov; representative of the Lviv abstractionism art Vasyl Bazhay.

Additionally, the collection includes works by painters from the turn of the century and the revolutions after the 2000s. It includes works by the Ukrainian artist group Revolutionary Experimental Space (R.E.P.) – Zhanna Kadyrova; activist and sculptor from Crimea Maria Kulikovska; the Kharkiv street artist Roman Mykhailov; the street artist and photographer Sasha Kurmaz and other artists, who directly or indirectly react to the challenges of the present in their works. The other side of the collection is the artists who are appealing to the study of classical art forms and contemporary techniques, including graphic artist Anna Mironova, sculptor Volodymyr Sai, and representatives of the Transcarpathian school Ruslan Tremba and Emma Tremba.

And of course, part of the younger generation, the finalists of the competition for Young Ukrainian Artists (MUHi): The feminist artist Maria Proshkovska, the researcher of commemorative and collective injuries Andrii Dostliev and Lia Dostlieva, the Lviv photographer Kinder Album, the film director and performer Piotr Armianovski and many others.

In addition to those mentioned above, the collection also includes works by many other artists.

From the “Merger” series Tokareva Oleksandra

Acrylic on paper, 80 х 100 см, 2020

“The Dragon”, from “War Diary” series Kakhidze Alevtina

markers on paper, 42 X 29,8 см, 2022

“Our World”, from “War Diary” series Kakhidze Alevtina

acrylic markers on paper, 21 х 29,7 см, 2022

FROM THE «NEXUS-2222» SERIES Galkin Daniil

Paper, ACTOGRAPHY, 140 х 68 см, 2012

From the TACTILE GEOMETRY Series Talutto Maryna

Paper, author's technique, 20,5 х 22 cm, 2015

From the MOMENT OF CHOICE series, 2 artworks Talutto Maryna

Paper, Author's technique, 42,5 x 52 cm, 2015

Mummification Kovach Pavlo (junior)

Carpet, paraffin, author's technique, 



From the Collection series, Naked nature Zhumailova-Dmitrovska Oleksandra

paper, crayon, formed in frame, 143 х 113 см, 2018