The Tale of Tales

01.04.2016 – 16.04.2016


“The unconscious, as a set of archetypes, is the residue of all that mankind survived from the darkest of times. But it is not a dead residue, not an abandoned scorched field, it is a living system of reactions and dispositions, which is invisible and therefore more effectively identifies individual life “

Carl Gustav Jung “Soul problems of our time”

From 1 to april 16 Shcherbenko Art Centre has presented a personal project of Darya Koltsova (winner of the MUHi 2015 contest) – “The Tale of tales”.

The exhibition combines installations, objects, video and audio that make the space of the art centre travel depths of collective subconscious, rich with archetypes, memories and fairy tales. An important component in the preparation of the project was trip to the Prykarpattya, where the artist collected local folklore, elements of rustic day-to-day life, memories. Reinterpreted through the prism of modernity, they become a code for the viewer.

The name of the project came from the first ever collection of fairy tales collected by Giambattista Basile in Naples in the early 17th century. Primal, not sterilized by modern, tale is usually terrifying and sometimes nasty. It relays three types of experience: sacred, sexual and death experience. Hiding taboo under pretty symbolical wrapping, tale whispers about the most intimate – something that is usually unsaid; natural, commonly believed to be shameful.

The red thread of archetypes stich trough project – timeless inherited images present in every culture. The artist tells the audience a story in which the heroine is tested, gets painful scars and experience, wanders and changes.

Co-authors of the text: Darya Koltsova and Anastasia Yevdokimova.

The “Tale of Tales” was implemented with the support of the AEQUO Law Firm – partner of young Ukrainian artists competition MUHi 2015 – and Zenko art foundation.