exhibition Approach by Anna Mironova at the Odesa Fine Arts Museum

Опубликована: 26.05.2021

Shcherbenko Art Centre presents an exhibition Approach by Anna Mironova at the Odesa Fine Arts Museum. The project contains pencil drawings, wood objects and bronze sculptures. Curator of the project is Maryna Shcherbenko.

Despite the nonfigurative nature Anna Mironova’s works are not categories of abstract art. Behind each of them is a certain object. In the new series of drawings it is a misty space at dawn, a space of morning silence, of memories and knowledge conveyed in some more or less dense strokes of a pink pencil. This intentional variability of work with the density of strokes allows approach. Moving away and then coming closely, approaching becomes an action, state, acquaintance with the body in all its fullness. It is the human body and the body of nature reproduced on paper and later transformed under the influence of viewer’s immersion:

«Pink is a body. The body is conveyed most truthfully in the drawing. Not as a superficial statement of fact, here is revealed its essence of breathing. With a gradual approach, the inevitable gaps between the strokes become more and more apparent. It seems that this movement can be continued deep into the plane of the sheet, through the lace of strokes, through the pores of the body, destroying the feeling of solid materiality. Everything is space, the space is air and objects. We are the space», Anna Mironova.

An important component of Anna’s drawings is always the nonobjective state that starts in her personal technique and is getting revealed due to interaction with the recipient:

«Anna Mironova’s sensual drawings convey the inner spiritual state transferred in lines that pulsate on the surface of the paper. Horizons filled with light strokes seem to draw inside and dissolve the viewers in themselves leaving alone with strong emotions. It is an emotional component that is repeated from series to series by the artist regardless of the chosen theme, form, color or medium”, curator Maryna Shcherbenko.

The artist has been creating pink pencil drawings for three years, and now they will be exhibited for the first time as a result of work in the vicinity of a place not marked by clear geographical coordinates. It is each time new, but each time outlined by nature surroundings. The project will also feature some monochrome black and white works from several past series, personally selected by the author to build a dialogue with new drawings.

The project also contains the sculptures and objects that are an opposition to what the artist has created and seen. The sculpture visually reproduces the process of life creation, and the tree object reflects its completion and destruction. These antonymous actions together form the integrity, the circular flow of life, which in the process of gradual approach is revealed again and again.

The exhibition can be visited from June 4, 2021 –  till July 4.


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