The «MUHI 2009-2021» book

Опубликована: 31.03.2022

The book covers the 12-year history of the MUHi Competition, capturing the changes and trends in the young art of this period. Having collected an archive of the cooperation of young Ukrainian artists with the MUHi Competition, it reflects the changes in young art over the last decade. At the same time, the book seeks to find answers to the most pressing questions: how did the pace of socio-economic and technological development affect the formation of creative practices of young artists? how did political changes and upheavals in Ukraine affect young people? how can art create the ground for change and provoke qualitative changes in public life?

The book consists of four main sections: an introductory part with articles by the MUHi project team, an analytical part with articles by invited experts, an archive of exhibitions of the finalists of 2009-2021 and an archive of exhibitions of the winners and finalists of the MUHi.

“The book ‘MUHi 2009-2021’ is a significant step in our daily work. It is also a choice in favor of all those involved in art in Ukraine today, who not only believe in change, but also make it. These are materials for further discussions, actions, analysis, conclusions, ideas. I hope that we will all get additional motivation to support each other in order to further guide Ukrainian art to involvement in all spheres of society and improve its quality”—Maryna Shcherbenko, author of the idea and curator of the project.

“MUHi 2009-2021” received a jury’s special award for a design that reveals the value of young art at the National Contest of The Best Book Design 2022.

About compilers:

Yevheniia Butsykina — culturologist, art critic, and manager of the 2015-2019 MUHi Competition.

Milena Khomchenko — art critic, cultural manager, and manager of MUHi 2021 Competition.


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