Mediators of the Moment project by Anna Mironova

Опубликована: 19.06.2021

Mediators of the Moment project presents a collection of Anna Mironova’s art books, including diaries and interactive objects. Some books are from private collections. The curator of the project is Maryna Shcherbenko.
In contrast to the standard book format, the artist’s books are a collection of visual messages. These are abstract drawings that fill the paper surface and broadcast selective passages from her personal memory. In this project, Anna Mironova appears as a mediator of the time and feelings that surrounded her; events that took place in her personal life and local history; impressions and meanings that resonate in her now as she flips through these pages.
“I create and share my books with the reader only as naked feelings. Everything created is very personal and is the result of certain life situations, observations, impressions. Being more specific is the choice of each individual and is not important and mandatory for distribution. At the same time, similar situations leave feelings that are close in tone to someone else’s experience and my sensual messages are easily deciphered if it is not treated as cryptography. You need to feel the importance of empathizing with rhythms, movements, fullness, pauses, accents, colours, contrasts. After all, everything here is built on our perception of artistic images”, Anna Mironova.
In times of social change, unforeseen circumstances of the pandemic, globalization and even bigger transition to the online format, self-created books take on additional weight. The sociologist of culture Pascal Gielen and the philosopher of culture Marlies De Munck in the work Nearness drew attention to the crucial importance of approaching in times of distance, as well as the vibration of meeting with a work of art that is not available to us online. Anna Mironova’s project Mediators of the Moment makes this meeting possible twice. Unlike printed publications, the books from the project are single manuscripts created by the author, as well as drawings are such especially needed today works of art.
Also, preserving the original form, the show presents a combination of the analogue format with digital one. In addition to manuscripts and interactive objects, the author presents several videos that immerse viewers in the history of the project.
The exhibition can be visited from June 23, 2021 –  till June 27.10-12 Lavrska St.,
Kyiv, 01010