The material, which artists work with, is probably the most essential part of their work. However, searching for the meaning of an art work, we often don’t pay attention to the chosen form, focusing on the content. Though, the material itself, which constitutes form, is a thesaurus of artist’s ideas that help interpret art works.

In the project «Paper. World. Art», curator Marina Shcherbenko refers to the traditional medium, the significance of which is not limited by the field of visual art. Paper for centuries has served for the benefit of culture and education, being a means of preservation of information, a kind of generations memory; seemingly fragile and delicate material, which has already preserved the history of the world.

This «charge» and yet simplicity of the material often encourages artists to apply it in creative experiments, or traditional genres. Often a series of works on paper are the most significant in the artists’ oeuvres. It is a purity of paper which symbolizes openness and hesitation before the first gesture that will leave a letter, a line or a point on it. The whiteness of paper provokes confessions, stories, narratives; a sheet, which in just a moment will be touched by the hand of an artist or a writer, becomes a shelter for images. Like a letter or a diary for desperate revelations, paper becomes a haven for artists’ emotions…

Today, with the development of modern media, paper symbolizes tradition or rather the process of artist’s pursuit, certain stage of art work creation. Either the preparatory stage, experimentation, birth of ideas, or lines that will support visual images, paper has always been the space for the first gesture, for ideas, for inception. The series of works on paper were often the field for artists’ stylistic experiments and inventions. Thus, this is the drawing, which leads Mark Rothko to the idea of surface horizontal division and Barnet Newman — to the experiments with vertical one; the works on paper was a turn to experiments with watercolours for Arshile Gorky and to action painting for Robert Motherwell.

In the project «Paper. World. Art» the material will form the basis, the starting point, the field for creative endeavours. The artists will present their experiments with paper, which will become the object or the subject of works. Paper will take different forms, incorporating ideas of the artists, their intentions and memories, doubts and manifestations of creative choice.

Artists, whose works are presented in the exhibition «Paper. World. Art», are boldly experimenting with this material, revising it and filling with metaphors. Thus, paper serves as a guide to such themes as memories, geometry, space, time, nature, identity, while its fragility is a symbol of relativity of categories, which artists usually work with. In the project «Paper. World. Art» paper will appear in the form of trees, clothes, faces, or just a plane for experiments, in which artists ruthlessly tear it or carefully emphasize its whiteness and delicacy. When asked why this exact medium was chosen, artists often say that paper is the foundation, the beginning and its physical characteristics such as sensitivity, absorbent capacity, suppleness, texture allow to realize the most daring ideas. Artists trust paper like each of us trusts the diary. Thus, paper becomes a symbol of sensuality and openness, which undoubtedly allows both artists and audiences to confide in.

The project «Paper. World. Art» unite the works of Ukrainian artists such as Tiberiy Silvashi, Oleksandr Babak, Vladimir Budnikov, Vlada Ralko Oleksandr Roitburd, Viktor Sydorenko, Yaroslav Prysyazhnyuk, Ilona Silvashi, Zinaida Lihacheva, Myroslav Vayda, Olesya Sekeresh, Hrytsya Erde, Konstantin Rudeshko, Marina Talyutto, Ruslan Tremba, Victor Khomenko, Mykola Kryvenko, Roman Mikhailov, Sehiy Momot, Serhiy Popov, Teresa Barabash, Raphus Cucullatus, Elena Turyanska, Anna Naduda, Victor Melnychuk, Sergiy Kaydak, Sergey Zapadnya, Danyil Galkin.

Olga Kucheruk