‘’Struggle’’, diptych Malinovska Tetyana Volokitin Artem

€ 3 500, each one

Oil on canvas
, 150 x 100 cm each one, 

Occurrence. Struggle Malinovska Tetyana Volokitin Artem

€ 4 500

Oil on canvas, 170 х 130 см, 2022

Avulsion. Core Malinovska Tetyana

€ 2 700

Oil on canvas, 170 x 130 cm, 2022

Untitled series EtchingRoom1

€ 300

Lithography, crayon, 32 х 25 cm, unique edition, 2022

special price
From the “888“ series, set of 4 works Kulikovska Maria

€ 900 1600

Watercolour on paper, 21 x 29,7 cm, 2019

special price
Clouds Yevsieiev Dmytro

€ 450

Photography, print on canvas, ⌀ 95 cm, max size for paint is ⌀ 130 cm, edition 1/10, 2015

special price
Light Yevsieiev Dmytro

€ 450

Photography, print on canvas, ⌀ 95 cm, max size for paint is ⌀ 130 cm, edition 10, 2015

special price
From the “Palimpsests” series Yevsieiev Dmytro

€ 250 € 350

Print on paper, ballpoint pen, 21 x 29,7 cm, 2022

The Skull Say Volodymyr

€ 480

Ceramics, 18 х 21 см, 2019


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We will donate 10% of the earnings to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Slava Ukraine🇺🇦