The mission of the Shcherbenko Art Centre is to promote social changes via art, breaking down stereotypes about the latest sociopolitical artistic tendencies in society. The aim is also to take part and build a local and international discourse of contemporary Ukrainian culture.

    Maryna Shcherbenko, founder of the Shcherbenko Art Centre. Photographer: Vasylyna Vrublevska

    The tools for realizing the mission are social-critical art projects that analyze and respond to the topical issues of our time, including gender, self-identification, feminist discourse, queer aspects, issues of conflict, anthropocene, ecology, politics, etc. The gallery team presents projects by famous Ukrainian artists and young generation of artists and experiments with a combination of visual art and literature, music, architecture, object design, and fashion industry in interdisciplinary projects.

    Scherbenko Art Centre also focuses on education and research in the format of art exhibitions, retrospective projects of contemporary artists, exhibition research, and by running a parallel program: events, discussions, artists’ talks, presentations, etc. The art centre also conducts research and interviews on the practices of the artists with whom they work in culture and art publications (KORYDOR, YourArt,  ArtsLookerHuxleyVogue, etc.).

    An essential part of the gallery’s activities is the MUHi (Young Ukrainian Artists) competition, which started in 2009.  It is a multifunctional project aimed at the systematic formation of new names among young Ukrainian artists, and their development and integration into the national and global art scene. The parallel educational program of the project is intended for the general public and the specialized audience.