Laktionova Zoia



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Zoia Laktionova was born in 1984 in Mariupol. She first appeared in the world of documentary cinema as the heroine of Mariia Stoianova’s film Ma (2017), and a year later made her first short documentary, Diorama, about a mined sea. The film won an award in the MyStreetFilms category at the 86 Festival and participated in numerous European film festivals (DOK Leipzig, Ji.Hlava, Cottbus, etc) and was released in Ukrainian cinemas in 2019.

In 2021, she presented her new short film The Territory of Empty Windows at Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, and also screened it in cinemas at Molodist IFF in Kyiv. The international premiere took place at the MakeDox, Northern Macedonia. Finalist of Young Ukrainian Artist (MUHi 2021) competition.

The artist now lives in Kyiv and works as an independent documentary film director. She works with themes of war, memory and personal stories.



"Where to go? Where to go?", Window Gallery, Czech Centre Sofia (Together with Shcherbenko Art Centre), Sofia, Bulgaria.

"Chain Reaction", MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome (Italy)

"Film of emergency/ Ukraine experimental film and video art", National Gallery, Sofia (Bulgaria)

"Film of Emergency – Ukrainischer Experimentalfilm und Videokunst", Kunstraum München (Germany)

"Home and Abroad: Central Europe Cinema", Olomouc Museum Of Art, (Czech)

"A War in the Distance. Prologue. An Embattled Ukraine in Video Art and Film", Neue Galerie Graz (Austria) 2022, Gmunden (Austria)

Ukrainian-Georgian Contemporary Art Exhibition "Tomorrow", Literature Museum, Tbilisi (Georgia)


Exhibition by participants in the Grounding residency series, IZONE, Kyiv (Ukraine)

MUHi Exhibition of the finalists of the competition of young Ukrainian artists, M17 Contemporary Art Centre, Kyiv (Ukraine)


#bruederschaft with “Territory of empty windows” short film (10’), hybrid offline (KINO42) and online, Kyiv (Ukraine)


photo project "Trees". AkT space, Kyiv (Ukraine)