Proshkowska Maria



Born in 1986 in Kyiv. Graduated from Kyiv National University of Internal Affairs and studied at Modern Art School at the Modern Art Research Institute. Winner of the special prize of the contest of young artists MUHi 2017 and participant of American Arts Incubator in Ukraine 2018. She participated in personal and group projects at Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv Art Fair, Izolyatsia, Shcherbenko Art Centre, GogolFest, Sklo Art Space in Kyiv and Dnipro, Dzyga Gallery in Lviv and in residences Byriuchyi Contemporary Art Project (Biruchiy island, Ukraine) and FUTURA (Prague, Czech Republic). Lives and works in Kyiv.

Solo exhibitions


“Nothing personal”, Shcherbenko Art Center (online)


"Invisible Labor", Shcherbenko Art Center (Kyiv)


“Late”, America House (Kyiv)

 “FEMININE”, special for Kyiv Pride 2019, “IZONE” (Kyiv)


“Anorexia. Project study”, “FUTURA project” (Prague, Czech Republic)

“Spidertopia/Crimea. 14-18”, Izolyatsia (Kyiv)

“Posttraumatical (Herbarium)”, “Shcherbenko Art Center” (Kyiv)


“Waste paper”, art space “Sklo” (Kyiv)


“Elementum”, modern art center М17 (Kyiv)

“Kathmandu. Ubud. Kryvorivnya.”, “Dzuga” gallery (Lviv)

 “Waste paper”, “Chorna yashchirka” gallery (Dnipro)


“Constellation of variations”, “Suzirria” theatre (Kyiv)

Group exhibitions


“Futurespective: the future through the eyes of Ukrainian artists” for VOGUE UA in M17 contemporary art center (Kyiv)


“Habitat”, Lavra Art Gallery & WWF (Kyiv) – winner of a special prize from “VOGUE”

“Ne vinovata”, performance in collaboration with Lesya Pchelka (Minsk, Belarus)

“Video Art Platform”, online for Shcherbenko Art Center (Kyiv)

 “Everybody is at home”, online for “Ukrainian House” national center (Kyiv)


“Neo-shamanizm. Power of ritual”, Kyiv Art Fair (Kyiv)

 “Artists childhood”, special program on Kharkiv Biennale of young art (Kharkiv)


“Emergent tributaries”, IZONE (ZERO1 and American Arts Incubator in Ukraine)

 “Visions and Reflections: Our Shared Environment”, IZONE (Kyiv)

“А funnel of time”, Modern Art Research Institute (Kyiv)

“Coloring. Biruchiy” Kyiv Art Fair (Kyiv)

“Neо-shamanizm. Power of ritual”, “Biruchiy Сontemporary Art Project” (Biruchiy island, Melitipol, Zaporizhya, Khmelnytsky)


“Reality as a mistake ”, Modern Art Research Institute (Kyiv)

 “Future in The Past”, Modern Art Research Institute (Kyiv)

“Mirror’s stage”, Modern Art Research Institute (Kyiv)

“GogolFest ArkSquat” (Kyiv)

 “Stop time”, GogolFest visual program (Kyiv)

 “Biruchiy”, participant of the international symposium (Biruchiy island)

“Splash of today” for Zenko Foundation (Tatariv)

МУХі2017 young artists contest final exhibition