Kinder Album solo exhibition «This is not what you think»

Published: 04.11.2021

A new personal project of Lviv artist Kinder Album that is called «This is not what you think» opens on November 17 at the Shcherbenko Art Center. The exhibition will combine oil painting and ceramics, with which the artist has been actively working in recent years, using fireclay, and icing and biscuit techniques.

Both oil and ceramics mark a new, more complex, and serious stage of Kinder Album’s work, compared to the usual drawing on A4 paper and soft clay plasticine, which is usually used by children. Painting and sculpture are means of expression that provide for a longer duration and more complex stages of performance, which testify to the “maturity” of the artist, although in her works there is always a flair of naivety and frivolity.

As if playing riddles with the viewer, the artist transfers bright key images from paintings to sculptures, embodying them and making them more material, present here and now. Yes, the works in the exhibition turn into certain clues that should send us to untold stories, plots, and meanings.

The main image that combines the works and is the tuning fork of the entire exhibition (as well as the work of Kinder Album in general) is a naked body, which is combined with various objects, cultural references, props, and decorations. This combination acquires a contrasting effect: a naked woman radiates freedom, honesty, impartiality, and simplicity, and everything around her adds new layers of meanings and contexts. This is where the mysterious game begins: is this what I was thinking? or not?

The naked woman and everything that happens around her – like a subtle comparison of Dionysian and Apollonian principles, private and public, personal – and what may apply, be close to everyone. This newly created intimacy is like touching the skin.

Shades of the body – on canvases and in ceramic objects – convey something secret. And the artist shares it, but not in the story, but through images. Such sincerity can come as a surprise, but the spectator’s job is to take himself in hand and correlate these images with his experience: fantasies, memories, and knowledge of art history.

Kinder Album’s ceramic objects and paintings combine elements of chance, intimacy, and mythological versatility. Like, the hand, which is both a multicultural symbol and just a way to touch and overcome a distance, and therefore say to yourself, «yes, that’s exactly what I think.»

Author of the text — Yevheniia Butsykina.

You can visit the exhibition from November 17 till December 18, 2021.

Mykhailivska Street, 22V, Kyiv
+38 096 801 20 41
Opening hours: Tue – Sat 11:00 – 20:00

Free entrance!