Personal project of Mykola Kryvenko “The Pink Toucan at Dawn”

Published: 29.05.2020

Shcherbenko Art Centre presents a personal project of the master of abstract painting Mykola Kryvenko The Pink Toucan at Dawn that includes a series of his non-objective paintings and bronze figurative sculpture.

Most of the paintings that formed the basis of this project were created during the last few months of quarantine isolation and only a few of them are works of 2018. Shambhala, The Cloud Canvas, The Sermon on the Mount. Saint Ioann, The Astral Canvas, …In the Air and other paintings demonstrate a meeting with another reality. The reality of his own and at the same time forced self-isolation that led the artist to deep immersion into the inner world.

These works also bring the painter back to his earlier interest in Eastern philosophy and the way he transferred its lightness and meditativeness to the canvas. Work with color as the plan of composition transforms into the study of existential categories.

The process of creating a work is gradual and multi-layered. The canvas can be changed up to 10 times, layer by layer complementing the previously created image like a handwritten palimpsest. The use of standard painting techniques gradually changes to freedom in solving visual problems. As the artist comments on the new series, “The Pink Toucan at Dawn is fresco-shaped palimpsests similar to the desire for creative freedom and mockery of common sense“.

However, the project The Pink Toucan at Dawn is not limited to painting. An important detail, which became a cross-cutting line of the artist’s practice and united different periods and styles of his art, will be the figurative sculpture The Leap created in the late 80s. Figurative art and abstraction, sculpture and canvases, shapes and colors, the 80s and 2020. The project becomes an organic symbiosis of long-term transformations and experiments of the artist.

Mykola Kryvenko

He graduated from the art school in 1969 and the department of Graphic Arts of the Kyiv State Art Institute in 1978. Student of Hryhoriy Havrylenko. Participant in the 1st exhibition of nonconformists in Kyiv in 1975. Member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine and art group Painting Reserve.


The exhibition can be visited from June 4. Admission is free but without the opening.

No more than 10 people can be present in the space at the same time. We encourage you to use masks.

The Pink Toucan at Dawn can be visited until July 4 at Shcherbenko Art Center, Mykhailivska 22-V.