Published: 31.03.2020

The name of the exhibition The Quiet Zone. Fragments refers to the signboards demanding to keep silence around Chernecha Mountain in Kaniv that is a place where Taras Shevchenko is buried. “This prescriptive silent omission turns into violence when it is the language, and the language of art embodied in the poetry, in particular, that is silenced”, as the artist says.

Vlada Ralko started building the questions about the role of the artist and art in shaping the person and society taking into account a figure of the poet instrumentalized by Soviet ideology and propagated by the nomenclature of the times of independence. Namely, she “came to conclusion that mindful art practice is a key to understanding the circulation of values in human communities.»

As a result, the series of canvases, drawings, and photographs combined in “The Quiet Zone” project broadcast a tense juxtaposition of “external and internal”. This juxtaposition of skillfully embedded pathetic slogans and values ​​that make human coexistence possible. Comparison of customized art that has an “anti-humanistic nature” and art that is made to “appeal to the human in humankind.”


The opening will take place on February 21, 2020

Mykhailivska str., 22V