Published: 28.01.2021

A performance by artist and writer Sasha Kovaleva will take place on February 4 at 19:00 at the Shcherbenko Art Centre. As part of the performance, Sasha will read excerpts from her book “Nice Try”.

“This is not a dramatic reading” is Sasha’s collaboration with Musical BlockchainTM’s artificial intelligence. Two months ago, the neural network received the artist’s lyrics and wrote music according to them. 

The book “Nice Try” is a collection of meta modernist prose. These are autobiographical stories, shorts, and essays, in which the author changes classical literary forms into a modern ironic style book. Here are fake news, narcissism of society through social networks, lectures of no names, a mandatory soundtrack. Everything a person faces today. According to the artist, this collection is called a book only because of the conventional reasons. For the author herself it is more like an object, an artistic unity of a book that ironically explores a man and what he / she / it encounters in the ironic key of a modern existentialism.

“Nice Try” is a “non-book” about modernity. Through absurdization and poststructuralist intertextuality, it seeks opportunities to combine a primate and “a crown of creation” in today’s man. The same one who is now heading for the technological singularity of the Second Coming. Is this the moment of semantic breakdown, when God and Nietzsche are dead and a man less and less becomes a person and more and more appears to be a system? A program? An oil? This is exactly what I was interested in while doing this study.

So I kindly asked the MusicalBlockchainTM neural network, which I affectionately call Nadienka (she doesn’t mind), to write music inspired by the lyrics from a book. It seems that our cooperation with Nadienka is almost the first Ukrainian collaboration of artists of different life forms. They are a digital composer and not yet a completely digital artist”, Sasha Kovaleva.

The number of participants is limited. Register for the event via the link below:

Aleksandra Kovaleva  

Ukrainian artist born in 1984 in the Crimea. She lived most of her life in Kyiv, where she worked as an editor, journalist and created projects in the field of culture and art. Her works are in private collections in Ukraine, Switzerland, Israel, Belgium, and France.


The world’s first composer based on artificial intelligence, who writes music based on the artist’s lyrics. The creators of Musical Blockchain are Lithuanian artists Glib Dyvov and Anton Lenin who are representatives of a new generation of multidisciplinary artists combining fifth-generation technologies (AI, XR and other digital innovations) with classical techniques and physical objects. Anton Lenin is an AI expert and music artist. Glib Dyvov is an international curator, co-founder and curator of the Art & Research Center KARA AGORA, multidisciplinary immersive artist, composer, Creative AI expert.

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Kyiv, Ukraine

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