Volodymyr Say’s exhibition “Housing Project” at the Taras Shevchenko Museum

Published: 09.05.2019

Shcherbenko Art Centre presents a solo exhibition by Volodymyr Say “Housing Project”

In the “HP” project densification of living space in cities is turning into artistic practice. With the symbolic image of the housing project Volodymyr Say aims to show how much contemporary living conditions affect a person.

The exposition consists of ceramic human figures placed in the shelving. Each figure is trapped into a small cell – a symbol of room. Sculptures are made in specific author’s technique known as “ceramic sketches”. The images of human bodies are natural, expressive and relaxed. Figures are painted in different colors: white, brown, red. They are the individuals who oppose the undistinguished panels of the Housing Project.

The author says, that each of us becomes a small part of the cell impersonalized by huge multistage structure. Being caught between morality, social principles and rules, a person turns into a prisoner. Even expressing ourselves free in the Internet – the virtual world, where space becomes ephemeral – we still feel suffocation.

The exhibition of Volodymyr Say “HP” is part of the Kyiv Art Week parallel program.

The project is onthe show from May 14 to June 2 at the Taras Shevchenko National Museum, Kyiv, Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, 12.

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