Local time. Episode II. King Lear

24.07.2018 – 08.09.2018


The exposition of Alina Maksimenko’s “Local time. Episode II. King Lear” includes the cognominal  video triptych and two series of paintings: “One look” and “The dream of a fisherman”.

All three parts of the project are interlaced, because each of them sends back to a certain story. In particular,  in the video “Local time. Episode II. King Lear” the homeless reads the monologue of “the King of Britain”. For the basis of each of the three stories, the artist takes an unreliable fact – an assumption, and tries to give it an objective basis, hoping that a sense of the moment is born somewhere between the lines of the narrative. Four portraits of the “One Look” are a cinematically multiplied image borrowed from a stranger’s picture. “The dream of a fisherman” are illustrations to an unwritten story about a man who sought to find out  the secret of death.

In the mouth, dreams and images of their characters the artist puts a deep sense of time – frozen, nonlinear and layered. It makes us “adjust the inner clock”. It looks like a total mystification, where secondary characters become the main ones, homeless people turn into kings, and death is a strange bearded man that wanders in the indigo colored cave.