24.04.2018 – 26.05.2018


The “Connection” project shows up a small world of motherhood, that is often limited to the space of the apartment and the courtyard, but unlimited in a variety of subtle, deep, bright, complex emotions. The painstaking process of creating miniatures allowed the artist to rethink her childhood and compare it with her own child’s experience: “This was a scrupulous work and very peculiar to me as a person in general. Besides, I was recalling myself as a child, remembering how I molded things in my childhood. I tried to identify myself with my daughter: we were creating our small sculptures together.”

Mixed and interwoven in memory, the artist’s experiences resemble strange artifacts from the dreams. After all, young parents often can not sleep themselves out and stay on the verge of sleep and vigilance: “Although there are almost no surrealistic items, but when they are mixed in glass jars, they get new meanings in their absurd combination, revealing something hidden, non-obvious. This is the limitation of free time, of movement outside the apartment, such a “seating in the jar”. The jar-room becomes the whole world, and the world beyond the window becomes another planet. And, in the end, the difficulties build a series of new, still unknown, feelings and opportunities, rethinking your meaning as a woman”.