Silent project

10.06.2015 – 10.07.2015


Minimalist exposition is designed for viewer’s long stay in the space of the art centre: he (she) should examine the artworks, tuning in contemplative meditative state, not trying to look for hidden sense. The author advises “just to dissolve and to go in barely distinctive vibrations of the tone, empathy and compassionate. To follow or to be around. To think and to remember his (her) own”.

In the “Silent Project” implementation of the concept of French philosopher Georges Bataille can be found, it is focused on the problem of the author, facing the possibility of personal experience frontiers, to the “impossible” and, thanks to this “impossible experience”, creates conditions for the emergence of a “communication” .
Each of the artworks is a letter written and sent to oneself, an attempt to move beyond our everyday experience and simultaneous return inside, abstracting from the outside and superfluous. This contributes to a formal decision, initiated by the artist in this series: a simple pencil as a tool of the message with the most complicated terms, shading, creating sensual tone environment – “the body”.

“White paper turns views and opinions back. The hatched surface covers this intimate specifics, and only barely throbbing appearance – issues hidden feelings” – Anna Mironova explains.
Peaceful, isolated space of the “Silent Project” allows the viewer to escape from the flow of life race and turn to oneself, to feel oneself, to read the coveted “letter”.