Personality Vivisection

23.08.2011 – 18.09.2011


“Ministry of Spirituality 2222” has presented the project “Personality Vivisection”.

Within the curatorial project “Independent” in Mystetsky Arsenal

Project title: “Personality Vivisection”.
Slogan: Evolution – Amputation / Once a victim – Always a victim.

Project title, “Personality Vivisection”, derives from Latin vivus – alive and sectio – dissection, meaning performance of surgical operations on a live organism with a view to studying it. Thus, Personality Vivisection offers every visitor to study oneself by participating in the “personality purifying procedure”.

Application method: The patient assumes a horizontal position. His/her head is on a cushion placed underguillotine razor. Having found himself or herself face to face with oneself and the question which dangerously hangs over the throat, the patient is offered by each razor (which has its own word-bar code)to make a choice: To Execute / To Pardon.

Sentence 1: To Execute – this means that the patient adheres to the expression:
“Once a victim – Always a victim” (without feeling the need for personal changes);
Sentence 2: To Pardon – this means that the patient assumes the role of the guillotined, contemplating elimination of undesirable personal qualities (Evolution – Amputation).

The project is divided in two parts, each containing 4 guillotines, “four twos” placed opposite to each other:
Part 1 – Amputation of emotions: 1. Fear2. Shame3. Envy4. Jealosy
Part 2 – Amputation of feelings:1. Regret2. Doubt3. Disillusion4. Despair