Resentment project aims to study the situation when a person finds himself in a state of aggression. It arose as a reaction of curator Maryna Shcherbenko and her team to the events taking place in Ukraine over past years. Forgetting historical heritage, neglecting simple human values, giving free rein to cruel “animal” instincts, people mock, kill, and torture each other…

Resentment is caused by unforeseen circumstances in the lives of Ukrainians and provoked by external aggression. It is represented in this project by the creative reflection of artists, as well as through reportage photo and video works that record real events.

Presented works are designed to provoke the viewer’s reaction and focus on deeper reflections that must be overcame in order to change the future.

Ukrainian artists who participated are Kateryna Yermolaeva, Larion Lozovoy, Daniil Galkin, Anatoliy Tverdy, Alina Maksimenko, Ilya Psyfox, Bogdan Tomashevskyi, Anna Mironova, Ruslan Tremba, and others.