Seven Kinds of Panic

05.07.2017 – 05.08.2017


Solo exhibition of Ukrainian artist Georgy Senchenko, who has returned to Ukrainian art scene after a long break. “Seven Kinds of Panic” exposition will include large-scale graphics, executed in noir comics style, as well as graffiti, created by the artist in the art centre’s space exclusively for the duration of the exhibition.

The name – “Seven Kinds of Panic” – represents author’s sarcastic grin, parody on positivism of current artistic field, which consistently squeezes into the system’s vise freedom of expression. Not many escapes from this state exist though: the artist either integrates into the field or goes beyond it; or proceeds to the meta-level, objectifying the system, ironizing over it and, thus, transforming it. The latter option is an already proven (and logical) method, thanks to which the author can boldly discuss the lowland, while towering over it, and create his/her own narrative, while borrowing someone else’s.