Artists who participated in the project: TETYANA MALINOVSKA

“The one whose face is hidden under the veil gets a chance to disappear for a while”

K.G. Jung

The exhibition presents paintings, graphic works and video installations. Bright, full of life and kaleidoscopic expressiveness, the world is complemented by voiceless video. Lips from pictures and monitors call for a dangerous journey into the depths of your own soul, where the mysteries of life, love and death are played out.

Voile (fr. veil, curtain) is a women’s accessory that completely or partially covers the face. The translucent fabric blurs the features and at the same time makes the hidden coveted. For the object of desire, the veil is a boundary that separates from the outside world and forces into internal marriage. To get visibility, you need to get rid of the curtain. As brides do in front of the altar.

“Veil” is about the times when people are forced to cover the lower part of the face with something like a veil. When the lips lose their routine, acquire social obscenity, lose their voice. When the desire to merge with the outside world reaches the peak of its power, but its implementation remains volatile.

Ulyana Kurganova, culturologist, art critic