04.10.2012 – 23.10.2012


Gallery of Modern Art «BottegaGallery» presented a new exhibition “Geometry” by Marina Talutto, who has finished the National Academy of Arts, also is a member of the National Union of Artists, author and member of many projects, both in Ukraine and abroad.

“Geometry” is an installation of hypertrophied enlarged models of school rulers, which are imposed to each other in the gallery space. It is about the parallels between the tool to compute and solving problems in geometry and the decisions in contemporary art. In a broad sense – the concept of “task” is also to be understood as something that should be performed, in fact, even in the absence of any difficulties or obstacles, it’s like to “puzzle”. Suppose in the educational practice “task”, takes more narrow sense and is an exercise that requires solutions to find points of reference and coordinate with existing data with the appropriate action, as observing certain rules, applying these steps.

Solution of the problem usually requires some knowledge and thinking. Hence the term “puzzle” – that is, “make think.” The contemporary artist has to find new solutions to create new meanings and interpretations, the artist acts as a researcher.