Big party! For artists only!

04.12.2018 – 08.12.2018


Shcherbenko Art Centre presents «BIG PARTY! FOR ARTISTS ONLY!» – project of Mykhailo Alekseenko, the winner of the main award of the contest for young Ukrainian artists MUHi 2017. The exhibition consists of artifacts and the documentation of the action, that has occured during the opening. Any person who considers oneself as an artist and provides proof was allowed to join the action.

Mykhailo Alekseenko about his project «BIG PARTY! FOR ARTISTS ONLY!»:
«I was always interested in the relativity of works evaluation and winner determination in the contests for artists. In such situations, completely different works of art are compared, and it is impossible to formulate certain selection criteria. Is it interesting? Is it relevant? Usually, apart from the implementation of the artists idea, such awards are an opportunity to receive funds, since most artists are deprived of financial support and can not earn from the
professional activity exclusively. Having received the MUHi main award, I decided to share half of the prize with Ukrainian art community. But how exactly to do it?»

Project «BIG PARTY! FOR ARTISTS ONLY!» raises the questions, who is an artist? For what and for whom the exhibitions are being organized? What is left after the exhausting work on the project and after the opening?