07.09.2017 – 17.09.2017


Large-scale interactive audio-visual installation “Introstructure” by Anna Naduda within the framework of GOGOLFEST 2017. “Introstructure” is a conceptual interactive installation created for Dovzhenko-Centre space. The two poles of the installation are united by a multidimensional crystal structure, which is a visual metaphor reflecting the continuity and equality of the rational and emotional in the surrounding world. Balance of mind and heart.

One of the components of the project is the unique video of 2010, which was not exhibited earlier. Visitors can experience their interaction with the installation – the project is interactive. The audio part of the installation was created by Fedir Sivtsov and turns the central visual object (structure) into a musical instrument. The string stretched through the installation has flip-flops, so that each visitor, if desired, can cause it to vibrate and create the sound of the entire instrument.

“Your consciousness is a single space [the ark] where the whole fractal versatility of our world can unite into a single systemic structure.Your soul is a single space where this structure can make sense,” artist Anna Naduda states and interprets the concept of GOGOLFEST 2017.