Human aggression in its extreme manifestations leads to large-scale disasters and irreparable tragedies. From books and stories told by old people we know about the horrors of the previous century world wars, the Holodomor, and the Holocaust. However, reverencing heroes and celebration of anniversaries did not provide us peaceful life in the third millennium. We still hear about terrorism, armed conflicts, new wars. We still have to protest and to stand for our rights because there is still somebody who encroaches on it. Over the last year, we are living in the reality of an undeclared war, accustoming to the military parades aesthetics and not planning anything in advance.

Something does not allow us to exclude the method of winning at all costs from the ways of conflict resolution. Genetic predisposition to violence, the detrimental impact of mass media childhood traumas, death-drive, the availability of weapons, or global warming… There are plenty of scientific theories but none of them has ever saved us from the aggression of another. We can only guess what provokes people to insult, shout, humiliate, kick, or shot. Regardless of the fact that the problem of aggression lies in the mental health of one person, someone else suffers because of it.

Resentment project aims to study the situation when a person finds himself in a state of aggression. It arose as a reaction of curator Maryna Shcherbenko and her team to the events taking place in Ukraine over past years. Forgetting historical heritage, neglecting simple human values, giving free rein to cruel “animal” instincts, people mock, kill, and torture each other…

Resentment is caused by unforeseen circumstances in the lives of Ukrainians and provoked by external aggression. It is represented in this project by the creative reflection of artists, as well as through reportage photo and video works that record real events.

Presented works are designed to provoke the viewer’s reaction and focus on deeper reflections that must be overcome in order to change the future.

Resentment project on ArtVilnius 2015 involves the works of Ukrainian artists Nazar Bilyk, Alina Maksymenko, Daniil Galkin, Maria Kulikovska, Ruslan Tremba, Maryna Talutto, Roman Mikhailov, Darya Koltsova.