The borders of the space

18.09.2019 – 05.10.2010


Nazar Bilyk in his art works explores limits of visual space by resources of sculpture.

In last two decades our conception of space considerably changed. From ontologically definite notion it turned into quite diffused and relative, into a notion which needs to be defined all over again.

Traditionally, sculpture works with timeless space, which in classic meaning is not in power of time. Talking about up-to-date sculpture we usually mention untimeless of space, its disrupt with time.

How possible is to explore modern meaning of space using methods of round sculpture? How to separate external space from inner space? Is it possible to find and to fix its verges, its border-lines?

Nazar Bilyk explores limits of visible world, that always slips away and stays undefined. The project opens like endless act of thinking, when each effort to answer the question.inevitably leads to new question

Olya Balashova

A wish to stay for long, creation of comfortable, usual and desirable for human being existence becomes the motivation for all human activity. It’s just its look, that changes, but the sense is in the wish to be always in our own world, to live by your own rules, that in some way just limits

Nazar Bilyk