22.03.2014 – 12.04.2014


“Vessels” series is the final stage in the development “Counterforms” cycle. Vessel means fullness, completeness of the sense, existence, being. Not real but rather potentially one which destined to become something. Vessels are voids that must be filled with thought, energy, action. Potentiality of various thought-forms realization and their transformation into forms on the physical, material level. So naturally that the “Vessels” exist in the classical space of options – breaking up mirror in the space of endless choice. Perhaps the main message here is – human logically arranges life making the choice to go in one or another direction on every step.

“Counterforms” by Bilyk is new exciting for the viewer experience of balancing on the borderline of sensory and extrasensory perception. Game based on turning visual and etymological volume status, shape and space, dialectics of its existence and nonexistence. Not conceptual but at the level of physical perception we are being pushed to paradoxical but obvious conclusion: the shape in emptiness is the shape of emptiness. Emptiness is the source of the form. Shells of space which has become material and filled break under its own weight, disclosing the “breathable” from inside with emptiness counterform, antiform. We’ve used to the negative meaning of the prefix “anti-“. Antiform is not a form but something dual, form and emptiness at the same time. The way of thinking which somehow corresponds this series, denies the existence of anything for sure.