Mantru Het’! (Mantra, Go Away!)

20.03.2014 – 12.04.2014


In a new project called “Mantru Het’! (Mantra, Go Away!)” Aleksander Roitburd for the first time in a long time presents a series of works on paper. Small format is designed to display the events of the current day and the artist’s thoughts “about everything around”.

Nevertheless, the exposition will be balanced by a few paintings, also created by the author influenced by the recent events in Kiev and Ukraine.

Texts , words, letters are woven into the images in the tradition of Dadaism and conceptualism, introducing the draft notes of absurdity and non-linearity. This kind of artistic anti-discours is intended to question not the good old ratio, but symbolic mysticism that pervades the social space. Thus, the word game inherent to Roytburd’s oeuvre is being dissolved in the “dream game” and the struggle against mafia is substituted with “the struggle against magic”. A goal of such a struggle in the form of a game is out come out of the range of mantra repetition that has lost meaning and relevance.