29.05.2019 – 22.06.2019


“People are swimming in a thick fog, colliding and leaving each other inflammation”

The series of works by Olexandra Tokareva is the visualization of her personal experiences, searches, analysis, and attempts to understand the nature of difficult relationships with others.

The author has embodied her inner feelings and intimate experiences in watercolor graphics and ceramic sculptures. Essences – that’s how the artist calls her creatures. Amorphous, tender and vulnerable – they are like people who colliding carelessly do hurt and receive painful injuries. Traces of their contacts are red pulsating points on the places of touching. They are left hastily, boldly, presumptuously, sometimes unconsciously, however, often selfishly, lustfully and thoughtlessly.

Opening our pain and injuries we first of all strive for harmony and complete disclosure of our own intimate essence. The exhibition “Contact / Sense/ Inflammation” is a kind of such revelationn. This is a story about our environment, about the complexity of interaction in relationships. About our own choice and responsibility for it. After all, our wounds are left by those whom we have chosen.