Artists who participated in the project: Alexandra Tokareva

Alexandra Tokareva’s “Merger” project is a visualization of reflections on the artist’s place in the world. The presented series of watercolor works is a special configuration of the context, which determines the form of communication with the existing reality.

The artist does not turn to integrity as a tool by which one can identify how a person thinks of the world and what it is independently of it; for Sasha, returning a person to the bosom of the universe and dissolving it in the thick of pure potentiality means rethinking the scale of human ambitions and encroachments.

The series contains works based on a combination of forms of warm shades with a neutral cold background, which accordingly symbolizes the positions of man and the universe and their relationship.

Tokareva’s guiding principles are her feelings: first of all, balance, equilibrium, soft quiet content, recovery, confidence that her boundaries are not the edge, that each individual is continuously built into infinity.

“Subjective reality becomes the beginning of an infinite dimension, a content for personal unique, situational use. Human is only an element of the One Indivisibility; one of a significant number, and certainly not the main one. From everyone “flows” into the world who he is and what he is.

It is a call to respect and thank the great system of all living things, to speak of the relationship at high energy levels, such as love, acceptance, forgiveness, and mercy. Through these innermost experiences, we can achieve a special union with Everything. And the world should not be understood as a means of satisfying needs, but only as a goal. It is rather a special place that everyone can fill with their light and become part of the general indivisibility. The only way to improve the world and be useful to it is to improve yourself! ” – tells about her project Alexandra Tokareva.

The artist argues that any human activity is a representation of the content of his emotional life, and the level of his awareness depends on the completeness of relations with the world. The ability to reconcile values   and ethics with actual decisions and actions – praxis – is the basis of mental balance and well-being.