24.10.2018 – 14.11.2018


Oleksandra Zhumailova-Dmitrovska presented her new works that explore various manifestations of femininity at the Shcherbenko Art Centre. Being a woman is a fate or chance, a judgment or a choice? Answering this question,the authorreconsiders the glossy aesthetics of flawless bodies and creates the world of alternative bizarre corporeality combining human, plant and animal.

The exhibition consists of oil painting, pastel, graphics and collage. The author is inspired by the metamodern understanding of culture as a coexistence of different information streams, oppositephenomena and views. Person gets the opportunity to express oneself in many ways and thus create a unity.

The Calendar series consists of twelve calendar sheets for 2016. In it – erotic photos of naked women which promotes the machine industry. Oleksandra Zhumailova-Dmitrovska has transformed it in grotesque way using children’s stickers and black marker.

Such aggressive sexuality is opposed to the natural eroticism ofthe Nudity series. On the large pastel paintings body-bouquets are depicted full of baroque dynamics and drama. On the artist’s oil paintings, there are images of women of all ages in armor resembling a shell – a natural protective coverforthe body. Her characters are female gladiators and “burning women”in quirky costumes that rather show the internal, than hide the external.

The line between the objectification and the right to open sexuality is an issue of the graphic images of female butterflies who experience metamorphosis, break the symbolic cocoon of taboo and appear as beautiful sensual creatures. The idea of the collection is present on several levels: a collection of women, a collection of butterflies
under glass, compositions of flowers. Creatures become objects, but their sensuality and beauty are
born from the inner desire to live and to attract.