18.06.2012 – 29.06.2012


Project by Shapka Art Group (Sekeresh Olesia, Tokareva Oleksandra)

The “Recalculate” is based on the understanding that comes a certain point, the point or a point in life when you need to rethink the path traversed. Against a background of serenity and humility may be something and that something can come from nothing. The subconscious mind is working hard on what happens over time structuring ideals throws the subconscious and that in turn creates all the new meanings of life and system of values ​​that correspond to more advanced model of the world. Formed a new understanding of their own lives and the lives of people in general. Recalculate route will help get rid of the history of the past experience, because it blocks our minds and harvested earlier patterns of behavior. Recalculate dictates new rules. Contrast is the main factor that affects the mental model during fracture. The initial form of thinking, being in a certain plane, deformed, changing their model, going to contrast the previous habitat.

The project is supported by Yuri Kogutyak.