09.03.2011 – 29.03.2011


Exhibition «Grisaille» of Ukrainian artist Alexander Babak is a series of papers written with eight nude productions  – this canvas with the image-display of one or two projections of a figure of a woman in black and white in the technique of acrylic grisaille.

Grisaille (from French. Gris – Gray) – a kind of monochrome painting, made shades of one color, usually gray or brown, which creates a sense of bas-reliefs.

«Grisaille – initiated a project-grade level, the idea of ​​which came while watching my school and students’ studies. There was a need for a creative rethinking of knowledge and experience, to consider it from the point of views of the learning process and to art in general, “- Alexander Babak.

At that time, as the work of contemporary Ukrainian artists has been criticized because of excessive academic, designed by Alexander Babak clearly prove otherwise: academic quality – this is the only way to preserve the traditions and cultural heritage of the past, professionalism, and that is particularly relevant, analyzing the situation of zero, academic – it is also to protect themselves from capital expansion in the arts.

Art Alexander Babak reproduced with depth perception, his skill and talent make us feel and think of his work are not sensational, they cannot understand or accept a glance, they cannot be “read” for 5-10 seconds, the art of this artist touches inside, makes awaken from hibernation, not shocking spectacle and using forbidden techniques, and giving the opportunity to see the nuances, subtleties, the sense of creating harmony.