04.07.2013 – 20.07.2013


People tried to imprison time in the dial, having realized their helplessness before its inevitable motion. But it haven’t given the possibility to get back at least a moment from the past. We can perhaps only catch ourselves in the eternal circle of running after a lost second. Being inside the cage of time we are trying to find freedom living within illusions created by ourselves and not knowing simplicity.

Project “Wax” by Pavlo Kovach is the way from reflection on time concept to perceiving oneself here and now, in the present. This is an attempt of mummification of time and information in their irreversible turnover. This is an opportunity to stop and to understand the moment of the past, to comprehend oneself in that moment. To listen, to watch and to feel the rhythms that surround us: the rhythm of heaven, rhythm of the Earth, trees and rivers rhythm, the rhythm of inhalation and exhalation, the rhythm of the pulse. Pause.