Artists who participated in the project: Nikolay Ridnuy

From 01.04.2011 to 20.04.2011 Bottega Gallery will present a personal project of Nikolay Ridnuy “The Walls”. It brings together works from series “The Porches”, “The Test” and “The Voids”, created in 2010. New work explores the relationship between the picture and the street, the object of attention and its environment, bringing at the forefront what was left over it.
       Uniform planarity of background is boring, its casual observation excludes the possibility of drawing attention to itself. Such sheet in everyday life is the city wall, fences and other urban surfaces. Often these items are onlyr technical props, like fencing of construction sites, or relics of the past which are destroyed as porches of old houses that nobody is going to repair.
Freezing of new buildings and old residential districts anabiosis of dormitories bringings destructive scenery of poverty to the forefront. Walls that are destroyed, covered with white plaster spots – one of the metaphors of emptiness, typical of today, filled with public uncertainty and confusion.
       Decomposition of surfaces, visionary perspective, look like the destructive beauty of abstract painting. During long period of time, abstraction was also a kind of decoration, but not for the street, only for the interior. Scan of innovative aesthetics in the autonomy of art creates decorative objects and  fetishisation of them. In this case, making the paintings from the walls is not look like the painting in the usual sense of the artist’s communication material and presents the results of critical research.  The wall is abstraction as an abstract feeling and our understanding of social reality and current issues. The picture is not locked on its own form, and sharpens the question about
interconnection of work and environmental context.
                                                                                                                                  Nikolay Ridnuy