Sketches in Volume

22.11.2017 – 16.12.2017


“Considering the fact that my view of this world is multifaceted, I do not restrain myself in means of expression, in the manner of painting. It all depends on what I’m working: I can be inadequate, crazy in my conversation with canvas, I can be calm, kitsch, but it’s all me. I agree that the artist should be recognizable, but it is also great when there appears a “who is this?” question. Therefore, I want to show that we – artists – can be different”.

The works are basically done with no stretcher, on a clean canvas and united under a universal size – 140×190 cm. Some canvases in original version are larger, which gives the effect of baroque crease on canvas to the finished work. The exhibition presents variety of textures and techniques, with which the artist works using the pallette from white matte to shimmering scarlet, referring to different periods of Ruslan Tremba’s artistic way.