The author raises issues of concern to all of us. Man is small and big, strong and vulnerable, delicate and wild. People at once may be beautiful, ugly or beautiful in its imperfection. Doubts and concerns of the individual in their own kind – everything seems big and firm, and a moment later frivolous and petty. Perhaps, of these ambiguities and line up different schemes or systems that surround our daily lives, then we are living in, in its mechanism. This mechanism moves and acts he allegedly expresses the inner state of the owner, that is, at least as you learn about it. Behavior creates an image of the body, generalized sign. This sign is part of a larger system. He is weak on the destructive background, and at the same time and this gives way – rude, arrogant silhouette cut virgin field. Humanity – the set of characters, numbers, and contains one builds a complex structure of the senses. Rivalry – preferential quality of leadership, highlights the nominees to stand out from the masses. Whole, built from individual components, generates such ones. Project is supported Yuri Kogutyaka.