Open spaces

16.10.2013 – 11.02.2013


Exhibition by Valeriya Trubina is the result of artist’s research of subtle categories of inside and outside space, natural and spiritual, emotional and rational. This immersion in the world of “fascinating existence”, in the world of all-absorbing, but alluring element which is capable of opening new dimensions of reality perception.

Each of my paintings  is a short journey, sometimes very far and not only to the actually existing places, not just to my inner world of fantasies, but to the limitless internal spaces of each viewer, who creates a new reality with their empathy, new experiences, new forms of creativity thereby developing and deepening the evolution of the human soul …

… I hope that these journeys will be enjoyable and inspiring and will let viewers discover new spaces within their inner world, find a new verge of the emotional and spiritual, more subtle nature of our universal existence.

Valeriya Trubina