16.11.2018 – 01.12.2018


Aqualight – the exhibition with no objects. The exposition consists of light projections of the female figures that are invading the whole space and everyone who enters it. Large, but weightless, figures flow over the walls and turn into color abstractions. Lack of the space sense provides a clear visual impression.

The artist captures the beauty of moments and accidents. The images of women at the exhibition is a result of graphics interaction with water. The spontaneity of this aquatic art makes the author not a creator, but rather an observer, a catcher who fishes images out of the flow of color transformations of ink on paper. In the exposition a beam of light that projects the image makes similar effect. It could be fragmented by accidental movements
or deformed, reflecting on a subject or a person.

Volodymyr Say’s exhibition is a logical continuation of his «Ceramic Sketches» project, that was presented at the Shcherbenko Art Centre in2017 year. The artist creates images of the human body, revealing its plastic and expressive possibilities. Female figures in these works are first dissolved on paper, and then in space, getting rid of bodily specifics. There is a kind of distillation, which captures the emotional experience of women’s energy,reveals
her vitality and magnetism.