Ceramic Sketches

25.10.2017 – 11.11.2017


Volodymyr Sai is consistent in the artistic study of senility image, analysis of the aesthetic impression of skin texture, look, corporeality. Conceptual integrity contrasts with variability of materials, techniques and media used by the artist: graphics, video, sculpture made from plastic bags, chicken skin, oil paint and, of course, ceramics.

The new series by Sai is expressive, created without a model, like sketches. While working on it, the artist reproduced art academy student practices – when one can work on sketches, not striving for the final version, but enjoying the process itself, making “a free, unobtrusive action similar to breathing”. In his 2017 project, the artist researches the possibilities of sketching in sculpture: its lightness, non-binding, incompleteness, which suggest continuation…

The fundamental non-ideality of the statuette by Volodymyr Sai gives an impression of lively execution. Meanwhile, the streamlined enamel gift them with the effect of completeness. Colors – yellow and white – add vividness. “Especially yellow,” – adds the artist, “summer-like, sunny, full-blooded”. The image of a naked burly woman repeated in “sketches” is life-affirming and optimistic – contrary to the previous series of the author. Dynamic texture, “depersonalized figurative, opposite to portrait” of works reflect the development of author’s style. Figurines are like unobtrusive sketches – after seeing them, one can easily teleport to one of familiar Ukrainian beaches.