In his new project, Vladimir Sai presents familiar audience sculptures, but this time they will be fulfilled in their new material. Sculptures that have been made of the skin transformed into sculptures made of plastic. So now they get a solid state, now this sculpture, which can be put on the table, on the nightstand or dresser – will not be exposed to time. This project is nothing but a journey through the timeline, after which a person acquires a specific characteristic appearance, that is not very pretty creature in the end of this path. Each sculpture is a result of such a journey. Skin and sculptures hurt with it’s realism. Ugly at first glance, they leave an impression within each, more important than the contemplation of beauty. Such a special beauty, which should light up in the viewer’s head.

Sculpture of Vladimir Sai live in different materials and transformed, showing over time. Initially plastic characters, then leather, plastic, and even now the author isn’t going to stop there