Landscape: illusions

14.06.2016 – 16.07.2016


Beginning from June 14 Shcherbenko Art Centre presents Yaroslav Prysyazhnyuk personal project entitled “Landscape: illusion”, in which the artist brings together art works made in different techniques: oil painting and digital printing.

Consistently performing his “romantic desire” to create the perfect landscape, Yaroslav Prysyazhnyuk continues the series of projects entitled “Landscape” (“Landscape: enter” and “Landscape: layers”, shown in Bottega Gallery in 2010 and 2013 respectively). The new project “Landscape: illusion” continues author’s creative search, in which the artist manages to unite elements of classical art and modern media, leading to the formation of a new artistic reality.

“The landscape itself here is not directly reflecting the reality, but rather a desire to bring a casual shot to hyper-realistic illusion, convincing naturalism,  explains the author.

From “Landscape” to “Landscape” artist is gradually approaching his goal. Visual effects and computer filters are playing a significant role in projects by distancing the viewer from the painting, deliberately increasing emotional distance to it. This concept is not confined in itself, developing in contact with the ideology of representatives of the European romantic landscape art, including XIX century German Romantic landscape painter Caspar Friedrich and such modern artists as Gerhard Richter, who combined the traditions of realism with the abstract expressionism and photorealism in his landscapes, and Andreas Gursky with his large-scale digital photo illusions. Even though this approach neglects the trends of modern Ukrainian art, the motives of Yaroslav Prysyazhnyuk’s works directly appeal to the Ukrainian context: visual and discursive.