14.11.2019 – 30.11.2019


Artists who participated in the project: Yuriy Musatov

In his practice, Yuriy Musatov explores the possibilities of ceramics, experimenting
with materials and techniques. The result of his recent creative search is a series of
objects called "Craters". Each of them is unique and created in the individual
technique, within the framework of which oxidation and reduction of chamotte, red
and white clay are combined. Besides the desire to explore the artistic potential of
ceramics, for Yuriy Musatov spontaneity in work is also important. He tends a kind of
freedom that allows the material to unfold, and the artist to enjoy the creative

The artist is fascinated by space. Among his previous works, there are planets and
aliens embodied in ceramics. The "Craters" series presents a kind of cosmic
landscapes, traces of invasions of unknown objects on the surface of celestial
bodies. But craters are also depressions in places of volcanic eruptions. The
covering of ceramic objects through a combination of various glazes, copper and
cobalt oxides, various pigments and porcelain has a magnetic effect. Looking at
coloured patterns of the works by Yuriy Musatov is like contemplating an eruption
while standing on the edge of a crater. And to someone, perhaps, their surface will
resemble a cosmic abyss.