02.07.2018 – 07.07.2018


During the week Yuriy Musatov have been creating two new objects “Cocoons”. He invited visitors to involve to this process not only visually, but in live communication with the artist. “Idea of the project – to transform gallery space into studio during the exhibition, where I will be creating clay objects. In this project the most important thing for me is interaction with visitors and the creation of a sculpture as a process”, – notes Yuriy Musatov.

Within the “In Progress” project, viewers are invited to directly learn how the clay in the hands of the sculptor turns into a sculpture. Yuriy Musatov emphasizes this in the project: “Usually, when visitors see only the result, it is much more difficult for them to understand and feel the integrity of the concept, the specifics of the artist’s work. I want to emphasize the very process of modeling, because tactile and interaction with material has great importance to me”.