My Mountains

19.12.2017 – 27.01.2018


Yuriy Musatov reinterprets traditional forms of working with ceramics. His works exist outside the usual categories or artistic forms, such as easel sculpture or decorative ceramics. In each new series of works the author presents an autonomous and self-sufficient combination of form and content in ceramic art, not stopping to experiment with materials and techniques. This time he created 36 ceramic objects made of chamotte clay in the author’s technique using colored engobes, glazes and metal oxides. Also, artist used various types of firing, in particular – soda  firing and reduction firing

In the project “My Mountains” the artist reflects on revealing deep connections between man and nature, through the prism of his own experience. “In this project I want to summarize my achievements, which are associated with the conquest of peaks: the number of mountains corresponds to the number of years I have lived, so together they form a mountain range, as a totality of knowledge, skills gained during life and external factors. Therefore, it cannot be regarded as a frozen form, but only as a fixed moment of a dynamic process. In this successive shift I see a certain analogy with the dynamics of our life”.

“The works by Yuriy Musatov form a separate universe. Sculptures with deep and even cosmic idea make part of world’s ceramic heritage, where Ukraine has descent place thanks to such authors as Musatov”, says Julia Ostrovska, director of Sky Art Foundation.

36 works that form “My Mountains” exhibition were created between spring 2016 and summer 2017, within Yuriy Musatov’s residence in Ceramic Creative Center in South Korea.