Exhibition of finalists of the competition for young Ukrainian artists

Published: 20.10.2021

MUHi 2021

Organizer: Shcherbenko Art Center.

11.11.2021 – 05.12.2021

Project MUHi 2021 is the eighth exhibition of finalists of the competition for young Ukrainian artists from different parts of Ukraine and the world. The exhibition opening is on November 11 at M17 Contemporary Art Center, the institutional partner of the project.

Participants: Nastya Didenko (Kyiv), Yulia Zakharova (Kyiv), Alexandra Kadzevich (Odessa), Elena Kovach (Lutsk / Krakow), Olga Kuzyura (Mostiska / Lviv), Zoya Laktionova (Mariupol / Kyiv), Anna Manankina (Kharkov), Pavel Nikitin (Kyiv / Brno), Alexander Sirous (Kharkov / Kyiv), Maria Stoyanova (Kyiv).

The exhibition of finalists will be complemented by a parallel educational program – a three-day forum with a focus-topic: surroundings. The Forum will become an environment for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience, as well as a place for discussion about young contemporary Ukrainian art. The program will consist of panel discussions on new artistic trends, curatorship, education, generations, feminism, etc.

In addition to the implementation of the exhibition, this year Shcherbenko Art Center will also present the book MUHi 2009-2021, which is designed to highlight the 12-year history of the competition, and at the same time try to record changes and trends in young art of the corresponding period of time with the help of the opinions of previous experts of the competition as well as independent curators. The presentation of the book will become a separate event of the forum and will be supplemented by reports of independent authors of the book.

MUHiI is a multifunctional project aimed at consistent and long-term work to support Ukrainian artists at the stage of their formation. The name MUHi is an abbreviation for “Young Ukrainian Artists”. The first MUHi exhibition was presented in 2009 at the Bottega Gallery. In 2021, the project was implemented for the eighth time.

The project is based on a competition held according to the following rules: young Ukrainian artists aged 21 and over; only a citizen of Ukraine can be a participant; finalists and winners of the competition are selected (since 2015 – by an international) commission of experts, which includes curators, directors of museums, art centers, galleries, art critics; an artist can be included in the finalists of the MUHi only one time.

The MUHi 2021 international team of experts included:

  • curator, co-founder of the auction house “Corners” Dmitry Golets;
  • art historian and director of the Hales gallery in London, Alexandra Gomenyuk;
  • art critic and curator of the British Council’s artistic program in Ukraine Ilya Zabolotny;
  • Gunnar Kwaran, director of the Astrup-Fearnley Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo;
  • cultural journalist, art critic, cultural manager Anastasia Platonova;
  • curator of visual projects, collector of works of contemporary Ukrainian and foreign artists Oleg Sosnov;
  • Ulf Hausbrandt, Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Kyiv;
  • Lesya Khomenko, artist, curator and tutor of the evening and two-year Contemporary Art program at KAMA;
  • Natalia Shpytkovska, director of M17 Contemporary Art Center;
  • art critic, head of the contemporary art sector of the National Art Museum of Ukraine, curator Daria Yakimova.

MUHi 2021 team: Maryna Shcherbenko, Milena Khomchenko, Sviatoslav Mykhailov, Yevheniia Butsykina, Daria Bakharieva, Alina Koshuba. Curator of the forum: Dmytro Chepurnyi. Design: Nika Kudinova, Oleksii Romanenko. Translation and editing: Yuliia Moroz, Yuliia Pylypei, Clemens Poole.

You can visit the exhibition from November 11 to December 5, 2021.

102-104, Antonovycha St., Kyiv, 03150, Ukraine

+380 (67) 310-66-31; +380 (67) 310-66-21

Tuesday – Sunday, 11:00 – 21:00