performance by Maria Proshkowska “Inside”

Published: 06.05.2021



05/15/2021 at 12:00

Inside is a performance by Maria Proshkowska as part of the online exhibition Nothing Personal. Working on the topic of human vulnerability in the totalitarian Soviet system, Maria is examining her own experience of participation in those events. At the time of the accident, her mother was pregnant. Traumatic experience consisting of the stories of the artist’s relatives requires experience / reprocessualization for the further healing. This performance refers to the vulnerability of two women at once – a mother and a daughter – who were one organism at the time. Is a fragile female body sufficient protection for the embryo / future person? Is this a barrier to the invisible threat that arose 35 years ago? Being in a tape cocoon, like an embryo in the amniotic sac without contact with the outside world, the artist will be monitoring her breathing, heartbeat, and sensations for 2 hours, and viewers will be able to follow the process online through the live stream.

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