Portrait project by Oleg Dimov

Published: 03.09.2019

Shcherbenko Art Centre presents a solo project by Odesa-based artist Oleg Dimov. Through conceptual and minimalist photography, he explores the themes of human isolation and social disunity. His new series Portrait shows a man of the contemporary age, when there are no longer global unifying ideas that propel humanity forward, therefore everyone builds their lives independently.

In this series, Oleg Dimov continues the conceptual line that began in 2016 in the Gala Portrait project. The new works are characterized by great fragmentation and expressive aesthetics. Avoiding any assessment, using deep imagery and focusing on emotional communication with the viewer, the author considers the phenomenon of “solo life”.

Partly, the Portrait project depicts a person existing in the digital community that we have not yet fully understood or described. The speed and efficiency of communication networks, the insane pace of life, turn our everyday life into an information meat-grinder, provoking rapid fragmentary, superficial observation without being able to look under the surface.

We are existing alone. Sometimes we open ourselves to others, and within us – only a crumpled fabric of meaning, or a shell that appears as another barrier to understanding. Are we capable of filling each other? Can we connect on the mental level, with our feelings?

Opening September 11 at 7 pm
Free entrance
The project is on the show from September 11 to October 11