22.09.2017 – 22.10.2017


The exhibition showcases key video works by Daniil Galkin,  dating from 2006 to 2016. Daniil Galkin is well-known for social critical projects, in which the central place is dedicated to installations with ready-made elements. However, video art represents a separate integral aspect of his work, expressed on a meta level – to perceive and understand the artist as the agent of creative process and experience, which is being transformed from one project to another. For example, the video from 2006 is an artifact, witnessing the unrealized author’s film, and a recorded experience of possible alternative development of the life and career scripts.

Besides, with the means of video we can see consistent documentation of artist’s experiments with methods and techniques, building of his own artistic style, based on homage and allusion. This medium, with its transparent montage methods and alignment of incompatible, carrying a clear logic of the author, but causing absurd anxiety for the viewer, allows to directly address to current social and political problems, which we confront every day.

As in the classical era, art is a way of symbolic reflection of the reality in the weave of universally-categorical and singularly-sensorial experiences, but now the artist copes with this problem by using minimalistic montage and tablet / TV / projector. The variable size screen is a place for meeting of the two viewpoints – of the artist and the viewer. According to Boris Groys, the screen in the modern museum is also the battlefield between them, the result of which is beneficial for both sides: the viewer will receive unique aesthetic experience and the artist – data of the experiment.